Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Great Political C(S)ymbal.

“Seven Deadly Sins
Wealth without work
Pleasure without conscience
Science without humanity
Knowledge without character
Politics without principle
Commerce without morality
Worship without sacrifice.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
At present the scene of the world is such that all these seven sins are rampant. Whether politics exists in today’s world with principal or without it is a topic of a huge debate (in which people have already resorted to FAST measures to get answers). It is very difficult to say whether POLITICS at present cannot exist without PRINCIPLES.. But one thing is for sure POLITICS at present cannot exist without creative ELECTION SYMBOLS.
A certain minister has just confirmed the speculations that he will be leaving his former political party. Apparently he is going to start a political party of his own and has already zeroed in on a name. But one problem persists, they have not been able to zero in on a  PARTY SYMBOL as of yet.
The entire morning the Media houses have gone on speculating as to what the symbol might be, suggested ones include bicycles, coconut trees, rava dosa, idly vada…. But this accentuated debate  on the most important topic of THE PARTY SYMBOL raised a question in my mind….
Why on earth are these party symbols sooooooo important????
My first voting experience. Before entering the voting room I went on repeating in my head” …. there are only three contestants… chose one shree, chose carefully….”  After entering the voting room I find the electronic voting machine filled with buttons and symbols… Symbols ranging from pencils to umbrellas to bangles depicting political parties the very existence of which was unknown to me till then…
I spent a good 5 minutes admiring the creativity of the various colourful ELECTION PARTY SYMBOLS  and landed  voting for the party that had the most creative symbol( the name of which I don’t know till date!!!) hoping that that party would use some of its creativity to solve the our problems.
The Question remained the same “IS THE PARTY SYMBOL THAT IMPORTANT?”
“The Majority is always right, always, I tell you” Dr. Stockmann had said in An Enemy of the People. Hence to I tried to find the views and the opinion of the overwhelming majority through my radio show. While most people confessed of often voting for the parties with weird symbols just because of their loss of confidence on the prominent ones, the enthusiasm with which the people devised new and creative symbols that may be used for future political parties made me wonder, Have people in general lost their trust on politics and politicians? Do they vote now only because they HAVE to??…
If this is true then one thing is for sure the Creativity of the PARTY SYMBOLS shall become ever more important cause then someday they might be the sole determinant of the outcome of the elections.

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